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4 x Side Panel Lug Fixing Rubber LH(X7)-Genuine Suzuki Part
49 x Footrest-Pillion X5 & X7-pattern part(one)
56 x Clutch Lever Bolt-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Air Filter Foam Sheet 35x35x1cm
3 x Rear Indicator Bracket X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Clutch Push Rod(Long 123)X5-Genuine Suzuki Part
4 x Clutch Lever EN Model-Alloy. Pattern part
11 x Fork Seal Circlip X5-Genuine Suzuki Part
5 x Brake Pedal Spring X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
4 x Front Brake Lever Nut-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Clutch Push Rod(Long)X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Foot peg washer, Rear X5/X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
4 x Mirror-pattern part (single)
2 x Tank Washer X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
4 x Top Yoke Bolt-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Gear Lever Bolt X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Fork Seal Circlip X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Swing Arm Thrust Washer X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
4 x Grips-pattern part(pair)
3 x Side Panel Rubber-Genuine Suzuki Part
5 x Brake Lever EN Model-Alloy. Pattern part
2 x Horn 12v Black 85mm
1 x Crankshaft Oil Seal Left Hand X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Clock Washer-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Clock Rubber Cushions-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Indicator Unit Chrome - Pattern part
44 x Clock Rubber Cushions-Genuine Suzuki Part
56 x Clutch Thrust Washer-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Crankshaft Oil Seal X5-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Speedo Cable Guide X5/X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Indicator Washer X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
4 x Steering head bearings (Large)
52 x Fuse Holder
4 x Front Brake Lever Bolt-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Clutch Pins-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Swing Arm Dust Cover X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
46 x Gear Lever Return Spring X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Ignition Switch X7/X5- Pattern part
3 x Brake Pedal Cotter Pin-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Big End Bearing X5/X7
4 x Rear Indicator Bracket Cushion Mk3 X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Front Disc Tab Washer X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Gasket Top Engine Set for X7
3 x Flasher Unit X5/X7
1 x Gasket Full Engine Set for X7
3 x Fork Seals X7 (pair)
1 x Kick Start Bolt Lock Washer X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Steering head bearings (Small)
1 x Engine Casing Screws(no5)-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Engine Suzuki Emblem Left Hand-Genuine Suzuki Part
47 x Clutch Push Rod Oil Seal X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
4 x Seat Pin Cotter Pin X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Key (Woodruff) 3mm-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Seat Pin X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Throttle Grip Assembly X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Brake light switch spring X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Throttle Cable Assembly X5/X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Gear Change Lever X7
1 x Horn 12v Chrome
1 x Clutch Thrust Washer-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Side Panel Lug Fixing Rubber RH(X7)-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Foot peg pins, Rear X7/X5-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Gasket Top Engine Set for X5
1 x Engine Mounting Bolt Nut X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Gasket Full Engine Set for X5
1 x Pipe clip 8mm
4 x Tank Mounting Front Rubber X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Gear Change Shaft Oil Seal X5/X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Clock large washer-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Exhaust Bolts X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Clutch Push Rod(Short 112)X5-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Brake Pedal Spring X5-Genuine Suzuki Part
53 x Head lamp bulb-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Tank Mounting Rubber X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Clock bolts-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Cylinder Head Washers-Genuine Suzuki Part
5 x Foot Peg Bolt-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Clutch Cable-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Handlebar Clamp Bolt washers 8mm-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Speedo Cable
39 x Rear Indicator Bracket Washer Mk1/2 X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
48 x Clutch Centre Tab Nut Washer X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
3 x Exhaust Washers X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Foot peg cotter pins, Rear X5/X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Clutch Thrust Bearing X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
2 x Tank Badge Screw SB200-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Clutch Push Rod(Short 104mm)X7-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Pipe clip 10mm
1 x Rear Brake Light Switch-Pattern Part
1 x Front Brake Disc Bolts-Genuine Suzuki Part
1 x Front Fork Oil Seal Dust Covers X7-Genuine suzuki part
There are currently no product reviews